In this episode of As in Heaven, Jim Davis and Michael Aitcheson welcome Jen Wilkin to discuss the importance of seeing and honoring women’s gifts and abilities in the church as it pertains to dechurching in America. When understanding God’s design for the roles of women in the church, it’s important we seek to honor and value women amid seeking biblical fidelity and clarity. Jen Wilkin shares several personal stories of both positive and negative experiences as well as stories of how The Village Church came to draft their shorter and longer position papers on the role of women in the church.

Episode time stamps:

  • Episode and guest introduction (0:00)
  • Core idols for male pastors to work through to lead healthy churches (7:06)
  • What does it look like for women to flourish in the church? (21:30)
  • The process of writing the Village Church position papers (24:23)
  • Why clarity is kind and why it matters (30:54)
  • Why listening is so important in spiritual formation (33:59)
Editors’ note: 

This episode is part of As in Heaven’s third season, devoted to The Great Dechurching—the largest and fastest religious shift in U.S. history. To learn more about this phenomenon on which the episodes of this season are based, preorder The Great Dechurching by Michael Graham and Jim Davis.