Instructional Coaching for Teachers

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Instructional Coaching for Teachers

Extend and deepen professional learning

Move learning from theory to practice

Build on the learning from any of our offerings by adding collaborative coaching. An experienced thought partner and practitioner will lead teachers through an inquiry-based coaching cycle to deliver a highly responsive and contextualized experience that takes the learning from theory to practice.

Coaching is for any and every educator

The NWEA coaching model

Our coaching cycle has four components:

Select a focus

To begin their collaboration, the coach and teacher have an initial meeting to choose a focus for their work.

Assess learning needs

Working together, the coach and teacher identify and collect data related to the focus. Together, they analyze and explore the data and determine a learning goal. The coach helps the teacher identify any professional learning needs.

Implement a new strategy

The coach and teacher identify a teaching strategy to implement, model, or coteach; decide when best to implement new strategies with students; observe the strategy in practice; explore data from this and other interventions as partners; and analyze progress made toward the goal.

Lessons learned

Together, the coach and teacher review new data to determine if adaptations are needed to meet the learning goal.

Meet the needs of your team with flexible delivery options.

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On-site learning

In-person observation is used to view practice, analyze and reflect on strategies, and discuss next steps to meet the identified learning goals.

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Virtual learning

Progress through a coaching cycle, analyze and reflect on strategies, and through technology, we observe practice and discuss next steps.

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Uses both technology and in-person observation to view practice, analyze and reflect on strategies, and discuss next steps to meet the identified learning goals.

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