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For more than 40 years, NWEA has focused on improving learning outcomes for all students. We pioneer educational research, assessment methodology, rigorous content, and psychometric precision to support teachers across the globe in the critical work they do every day.

Research & Innovation Centers

Our Research Centers continue this innovative work through dedicated research that explores foundational issues in education, practical challenges in today’s schools, and the evolving role of technology in the lives of students.

Collaborative for Student Growth

The Collaborative investigates fundamental questions around educational equity, opportunity, and access. Through original research and partnerships with universities and foundations, it seeks to broaden understanding of the challenges facing students, families, and educators and inform new ways to serve them.

Center for School and Student Progress

The Center explores research and policy issues that are directly relevant to helping schools improve outcomes for students. It engages in collaborative research with schools, and provides them with expert consultation and data analysis. In partnership with educators, it aims to make assessment data actionable.

Assessment & Learning

Our assessment and learning teams marry the science of measurement with pedagogy, test design, and subject matter expertise, creating solutions that deliver insights educators trust to advance learning for every student. Our experts are also prolific contributors, recognized for advancing their fields across multiple disciplines.

Measurement & Psychometrics

Valid, reliable measurement is the bedrock of informed decision-making. Our psychometricians, research scientists, and data analysts ensure NWEA assessments deliver unparalleled quality because we know precise, accurate information on every student’s learning supports equitable instruction in the classroom—as well as school and system-wide improvement.

Academic Content

Assessing what students know and are ready to learn requires a deep understanding of effective pedagogy, learning science, and test design, as well as subject matter expertise. Our academic content team brings all these disciplines together to deliver innovative, high-quality test items, assessment systems and solutions, and instructional resources that create more equitable opportunities for all students.

Data Visualizations

View interactive tools that bring complex education issues to life. Explore patterns in growth, achievement, poverty, college readiness, and more.

Research Partnerships

Our collaborations with university researchers, school systems, address diverse education research topics.

Upcoming Research Presentations

Connect with us and learn about our newest research at these conferences and events.

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By the end of the last school year, many students had returned to a normal pace of academic growth for the first time since the pandemic began. Still, the pace was not nearly fast enough to have made up for steep pandemic losses.

Sarah Mervosh, The New York Times

The bad news is that students — particularly low-income, Black, and Hispanic students — remain far behind where they would be if not for the pandemic. Recovery has been anemic or nonexistent in middle school, NWEA finds..”

Matt Barnum, Chalkbeat

Elementary students are regaining the ground they lost during the pandemic at a faster pace than older students, recent research shows, but K-12 students are still years away from a full recovery..

Ed Tadayaon, EdSource

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