“Part of the promise of the new heaven and new earth is that you are going to have a new mind.” – Soojin Park

In this episode of Glo, Blair Linne, Aixa de López, Sharon Dickens, and Soojin Park discuss the importance of creating a safe space within the local church for Christians to share their emotional and mental health struggles and receive encouragement without shame. They vulnerably share their own stories of struggling with mental health and describe how the hope of eternity, when we’ll be fully restored in body and mind, gives us the endurance to persevere.

The struggle with anxiety and depression might require medical help, professional counseling, and tools of God’s common grace in order to find healing, and we serve a God who meets us in our weakness and lovingly bears our burdens. By fostering open and compassionate conversations about mental health within the body of Christ, we can create an atmosphere where those silently suffering find hope.

Episode time stamps:

  • Episode and topic introduction (0:00)
  • The stigma of mental health in the church (5:13)
  • Mental health as a Christian woman (7:36)
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety (10:57)
  • Biblical joy and the range of human emotions (14:42)
  • We don’t have to edit our prayers when we’re struggling (17:21)
  • Pray without ceasing and cast your cares on the Lord (20:30)
  • Depression and a future renewal of our minds (22:19)
  • How to walk with someone who’s struggling with mental health (25:03)
  • Recommended resources (28:40)


Recommended resources: