Professional Learning Overview

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Make meaningful, measurable instructional change.

NWEA Professional Learning is intentionally designed to engage teachers in fostering meaningful, measurable instructional change in pursuit of high-quality, ambitious instruction that improves student outcomes.

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Turn evidence into action

Develop the knowledge and know-how to leverage high-quality, reliable evidence of learning to inform instruction and decision-making.

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Effective and classroom relevant

Educators will complete professional learning sessions with action plans and practical strategies they can immediately implement to improve teaching and learning.

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Ready where you are

Engage with learning that meets you wherever you are on your path to improving instructional practice.

Our services bring together experienced consultants, coaches, and designers with tried-and-true methods for supporting sustained instructional change.

Authentic, tailor-made solutions to inspire and empower educators

NWEA Professional Learning provides flexible learning opportunities for any setting—on site, virtual, small group, or 1:1—designed around your unique goals, challenges, and scheduling needs.

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Traditional learning

Onsite, face-to-face session with consultant

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Virtual learning

Live instruction through our online portal

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On-demand learning

Learn on your own time at your own pace

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Blended learning

Combine delivery formats to meet team needs

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Instructional coaching

Keep the learning going by adding collaborative instructional coaching for teachers

Impacting students’ learning by empowering educators

What are your school or district needs? What are your goals? What are your challenges? NWEA Professional Learning digs into these questions—with you—to develop learning opportunities tailored to your unique needs.


Teachers demand and deserve the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop as professionals. NWEA Professional Learning engages teachers in collaborative conversations that foster the high-quality, ambitious instruction that improves student outcomes.

We develop professional practice in four critical, interconnected categories that help educators make the most instructional impact.

The result? More confident classroom decisions every day and meaningful change in instructional practice.

Learning evaluation services

Measure the impact of professional learning on educators, school systems, and student outcomes to ensure your unique needs and goals are met

Needs assessment

Gathers direct information on the assets and needs of your educators through interviews and observations

Perceptions and practices survey

Measures the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs shaped by participating in professional learning in a short, empirically validated survey

Classroom assessment use walkthrough

Monitors assessment literacy through concrete changes in key teaching practices

Student experiences portfolio

Captures and summarizes the whole of how students interact with formative, interim, and summative assessment

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About the team

Averaging 25 years of teaching and administrative experience, our professional learning consultants are veteran practitioners familiar with the peaks and valleys of the education landscape. They live and work in the urban, rural, and suburban communities you call home and have the keen insight to help your team set goals and determine a clear path forward.

My team’s conversations shifted …to a focus on … figuring out how to help teachers address the major gaps we were seeing. It was like a light bulb went off for the entire team at the same time.

Tammy Taylor
Principal at Great Falls Elementary School
Great Falls, SC

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