“We’re like sprinters. We’re hurtling down the track at top speed, giving it our best, giving it our all. But, we’re not made of titanium, and we can’t live at full stretch all the time. We must pull back and be replenished, and experience rejuvenation for the next big push.” —Ray Ortlund

In this episode of You’re Not Crazy, Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry address the need for pastors to rest. In a time fraught with fragmentation, with a heartbreaking number of pastors collapsing under the weight of leadership in these circumstances, rest is not an option—it’s an imperative for the soul.

• Introductions (0:00)
• Favorite foods (2:19)
• We’re like sprinters (3:49)
• Rest is not just a part of the fallen world (5:50)
• We don’t have to rest perfectly (7:19)
• We need regular renewal (10:51)
• “Go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” (14:17)
• Where we find refreshment (18:14)
• Recommended resource: The Death of Porn by Ray Ortlund (20:50)