In the final episode of season two of You’re Not Crazy, Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry answer pressing questions from you, the listeners.

• Introduction (0:00)
• Icebreaker: Where do you most love to be? (1:22)
• Why does small talk matter? (4:45)
• How do you encourage a culture of grace among team leaders across the church? (8:07)
• How do you deal with people in the church who are opposed to gospel culture? (11:17)
• How do you prioritize unhealthy areas to address? (15:25)
• Is there ever a right time to encourage someone to move to another church? (18:45)
• How can a church care for its pastor? (23:38)
• Recommended resource: What God Has to Say About Our Bodies by Sam Allberry (26:23)

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