In this episode of TGC Q&A, the fifth in our six-week series on faith and work, Bill Davis answers the question, “How should we think biblically about end-of-life care?”

He discusses:
• Why end-of-life care (00:32)
• End-of-life and medical ethics committees (3:05)
• Advocating for others in end-of-life (9:35)
• Two things to know when advocating for others (13:23)
• Life and the question of infinite value (15:21)
• Biblical advanced directives (17:27)
• Choosing a shorter life for gospel purposes (19:29)
• How Jesus would have you use all you have now (22:49)
• Why these conversations are difficult (25:02)
• Ways to help think through the difficult conversations (27:57)
• Being practically faithful to the end (32:28)

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