In this episode of As In Heaven, hosts Jim Davis and Mike Aitcheson welcome Robert Cunningham to discuss the complexities of our ever-shifting culture. They share insights into pastoring through election cycles, polarizing cultural moments, and how not to grow weary.

Episode time stamps:

  • Episode and topic introduction (0:00)
  • The impact of cultural issues on the dechurching phenomenon (7:31)
  • How can we bring people back to the church? (14:46)
  • Pastoring through cultural changes (19:06)
  • What does it look like to switch churches? (27:59)
  • What role does the pastor play in shaping members for this cultural moment? (32:27)
  • Pastors are tired. How can they care for themselves well? (41:16)
Editors’ note: 

This episode is part of As in Heaven’s third season, devoted to The Great Dechurching—the largest and fastest religious shift in U.S. history. To learn more about this phenomenon on which the episodes of this season are based, preorder The Great Dechurching by Michael Graham and Jim Davis.