At TGC Chicago’s 2022 regional conference, Colin Smith moderated a panel discussion with Kevin DeYoung, H. B. Charles, and Juan Sánchez on ways to enhance your prayer life.

DeYoung defines prayer as “a lifting of conversation in our hearts Godward.” They consider practical ways to deepen personal prayer—like prayer cards, walking while praying, praying as a family, devotionals, and the use of Scripture in prayer.

Charles emphasizes the importance of motivation for prayer over technique and outlines three reasons why we should pray: (1) obedience, (2) effectiveness, and (3) dependence on God.

The group addresses the need to increase corporate prayer in church services, suggesting various resources like books, websites, and articles for further reading on enriching prayer and devotion. Ultimately, prayer offers us an opportunity to encounter God intimately and transform our hearts as we commune with him.